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Disability Action Plan published: Disability charities respond

The Government has published its Disability Action Plan today (18 July). Business Disability Forum has responded as a member of the the Disability Charities Consortium (DCC). The DCC brings together CEOs and policy leads from nine of the UK’s leading not-for-profit disability organisations to work collaboratively to make sure disabled people’s experiences are reflected in UK policy making.

Photo of the Houses of Parliament where the budget was announced.

The DCC has made the following statement in response to the publication of the plan.

“There are good proposals in this Disability Action Plan. These have the potential, if implemented, to improve the lives of disabled people in a variety of ways and we will work with government to ensure that is the case.

“There are though some crucial gaps. The plan sets out activity the Government will be undertaking in the immediate period ahead.  The most pressing issue facing disabled people right now is being disproportionately impacted by the worst cost of living crisis in living memory, with another critical autumn / winter period to come. Similarly, firm measures to tackle the persistent underrepresentation of disabled people in employment are a massive opportunity and a gap. Government must address both of these areas now.

“The DCC will therefore continue to press Government to influence its action plan and the longer-term disability strategy. With the inequalities faced by disabled people long-standing and entrenched in many areas, the Government needs to show ambition, backed by firm commitments and funding, as part of concerted, cross-Government efforts.”


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