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Accessibility statement 

Accessibility statement for and 

We have endeavoured to make our website, Knowledge Hub, Disability Smart Self-Assessment and all our digital products as accessible and usable as possible. We’ve done this by using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) produced by the World Wide Web Consortium, aiming for Level AA compliance. We also regularly ask people with a wider range of disabilities and assistive technology users to give us their feedback. 

This website is managed by Business Disability Forum. We are constantly auditing and updating our website to ensure that our design and content is accessible by everyone. For example, we are doing our best to make sure that: 

  • Images have alternative text.
  • Colour contrast between foreground and background is sufficient. 
  • Text re-sizes according to user preference. 
  • Headings are correctly used. 
  • Links make sense by themselves and are descriptive. 
  • Tables are used for laying out tabular information and have proper headings and summaries. 
  • Visual presentation is defined in ‘stylesheets’ and is not embedded in the pages. 

How accessible is our website and our microsites? 

We have looked to fix  many accessibility issues that have already been flagged. Please flag if you find parts of our websites and our products that might not be fully accessible.  

For example, we’ve found and fixed some of the following issues on some of our digital products: 

  • Some heading elements might not be in a sequentially-descending order. 
  • Some images lack alternative text. 
  • There are broken links. 
  • Non-accessible pdfs. 
  • Non-optimal image types. 
  • Some older or outsourced videos don’t have available closed captions. 
  • Landmarks might be missing. 
  • Some breadcrumbs might not have proper list structure. 
  • We do not provide audio descriptions for videos. 
  • When the DS Self-Assessment is zoomed in, the site isn’t fully responsive. Also, some elements within the assessment environment don’t receive keyboard focus. 
  • Some features, such as forms, videos, and events are hosted by third-party providers. Although, we choose the most accessible services and we aim at providing accessible options, we have no control over their policies and product updates. 

We are working to address these issues. Also, we offer documents in alternative formats, and we are working to replace inaccessible documents with accessible HTML pages. 

How to request content in an accessible format 

If you need a document in an accessible format, please contact clearly indicating: 

  • Content title and the website address (URL) if relevant 
  • Your name and email address 
  • The type of format you need 

Feedback and how to report accessibility problems with our website 

If you have any problems with the accessibility of this site or suggestions for improvements, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will always do what we can to make this site easier for everyone to use. 

What we’re doing to improve accessibility 

Our websites are regularly audited using automated tools, and manual audits. We also make sure that our stuff attends regular training sessions, and we involve external auditors and steering groups before we launch new digital products.  

Further help 

Although we have tried to make our website as usable as possible for everyone, you may find some helpful information on tools and technology to help making browsing websites easier.

We recommend that you visit the RNIB website for specialist advice such as alternative screen readers, screen magnifiers and other devices that are available and can make using a computer easier and more enjoyable. 

AbilityNet’s excellent My Computer My Way web site provides a wealth of advice on setting up your computer in the way that best suits youAbilityNet also provide a free service to individuals with disabilities to assess their computing needs (call them free on 0800 269 545 for more information). 

Our networks and members include experts in accessibility, so if you require advice or assistance in improving the accessibility of your website – or other IT systems or services – please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with them. 

Preparation of this accessibility statement 

This statement was prepared in March 2020. It was last reviewed on 25 September 2021.  

Accessibility definition and commitment 

Business Disability Forum is committed to ensuring that all its products and services are as accessible as possible to everyone. Business Disability Forum strives to ensure accessibility in the following areas: 

  • How people approach buildings, get in, move around and leave 
  • How people access and use our products, services and facilities 
  • How we communicate (internally and externally) 
  • For our employees 

Any difficulties in access that are reported to Business Disability Forum will be dealt with quickly and the relevant need taken into consideration. Please contact us if you have any queries about Business Disability Forum’s work and accessibility. 

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