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The Advice team is 'amazing'
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The Advice Service exists to support Members and Partners in their disability related work. From ‘ad hoc’ questions and case management support, to legal and strategic advice, the Advice Service team are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm to advise, discuss, and debate any topic related to disability and business.

What we do

The services we offer via the Advice Service include:

We answer over 1000 queries and over 2000 pages of policies and documents each year. The most popular topics we are contacted about are workplace adjustments, adjustments during recruitment, and data monitoring. Other common topics include personable customer service, mental health, managing performance, inclusive communication, equality impact, and procurement.

Please note we are a business-facing service, which means we advise employers and service providers. We do not advise employees or service-users on individual cases.

Download a flyer about our Advice Service here (PDF)

Our Advice Team

Our friendly and experienced team enjoy delivering a solutions-focussed service to our callers. You can read more about the team here:




Contacting us

Members and Partners are welcome to call us any time, although some prefer to books calls or meetings with us. We can carry out meetings by phone, Skype, or face to face at our offices.


Telephone: 020 7403 3020

Please note, access to the Advice Service is for Business Disability Forum Members and Partners only. For information on how to become a Member, please visit this page.