Global Taskforce

Creating a tool to help global organisations to measure and improve their performance for employees and customers wherever they are in the world.

Over 100 Business Disability Forum Members and Partners have a presence outside of the UK and we are increasingly asked for support in helping our members to get it right for employees and customers with disabilities wherever they are in the world.

We have consulted with our Members, Partners and other stakeholders to explore how we might apply our  knowledge and experience, gained from over 25 years of working with organisations in the UK, to support progress on disability as a global business issue. 

Creating a tool to enable global business to measure and improve disability performance

Our Disability Standard is an on-line management tool that has been helping businesses to measure and improve on performance for disabled customers, clients or service users, employees and stakeholders since 2004. 

The Disability Standard was primarily conceived as a tool to enable UK based organisations to take a whole organisation approach to improving disability performance. Our Disability Standard now provides the framework for the ‘Access and Inclusion Index’ offered by the Australian Network on Disability and the Ministry of Labor’s ‘Mowaamah’ certification system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As we increasingly work with global, multi-national organisations in diverse jurisdictions we have identified a need to develop a version of the tool designed around the operational needs of global organisations.

Examples of relevant considerations in a tool for global organisations include:

  • Developing a disability strategy that is robust enough to provide a global framework whilst allowing for implementation that is culturally and legally appropriate at a local level.
  • Ensuring that global functions, tools or standards: ranging from e-learning to office design guidelines consider the needs of users with disabilities.
  • Ensuring that global mobility processes/tools include a focus on accessibility and adjustments to ensure that employees with disabilities can undertake overseas assignments, make permanent moves and undertake international business travel.

Scope of work

Business Disability Forum, with the support of our Partner Shell, is establishing a Taskforce comprising members of our Partner Group to develop a tool which will enable global organisations to use their global reach to improve the life chances of the world’s over one billion people with disabilities.

The Taskforce will convene primarily for the purpose of developing a tool for global organisations, although should the group prove to be a useful forum for exchanging information, sharing challenges, ideas and good practice then we would be happy to explore retaining the group following the development of the new tool. Any future iteration of the group may also focus on developing or adapting other tools and resources for global application.


We expect to convene two face to face meetings during the development of the tool (with other activity occurring via phone and Skype). Meetings will be coordinated by Business Disability Forum. At the initial meeting on 14 March, 2018, a work-plan will be developed to guide the work of the Taskforce.