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Disability awareness dates

Disability and health awareness days can be useful for organisations as part of a wider inclusion strategy. Before you decide to focus on a specific day, week or month  you might think about:

  • Who you want to engage and what you want to achieve.
  • How you will ensure your activities are informed and driven by disabled employees or users of your products or services.
  • What the lasting legacy might be afterwards.

While we make every effort to verify these dates, we strongly recommend that you check all sources before publishing details. We welcome suggestions for other awareness days to include, please contact us with details.  

About Business Disability Forum

We are the leading business membership organisation in disability inclusion. We work in partnership with business, Government, and disabled people to remove barriers to inclusion. Our 550+ members employ over 20% of the UK workforce and an estimated 8 million people worldwide. Found out more about the benefits of membership.





Brain Tumour Awareness Month


Stress Awareness Month




Disability Pride Month.


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Blood Cancer Awareness Month


ADHD Awareness Month



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