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Occupational Health mini-Toolkit

What your organisation needs to know about Occupational Health, employment and disability.

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Welcome to Business Disability Forum’s Occupational Health mini-Toolkit, available to Members and Partners.

Employers have a moral and a legal duty to protect the health, wellbeing, and the safety of their employees. It also makes good business sense – healthy employees are more likely to be more productive. Occupational Health (OH) professionals have uniquely placed knowledge and a focus on ill-health prevention and management in the workplace. This can be instrumental to help organisations support employee health and wellbeing.

This mini-Toolkit gives employers the disability essentials for Occupational Health, including:

  • Procuring OH services,
  • Health and safety,
  • Workplace adjustments,
  • Legal duties.

In this mini-Toolkit, the term ‘health and safety’ will be separated into its two parts. The health component will be referred to as ‘Occupational Health’ and the safety component referred to as ‘Safety’.

You can browse the resources below. For tailored advice about Occupational Health and your organisation, contact our Advice Service.

© This toolkit and the resources therein are subject to copyright and remain the property of the Business Disability Forum. They are for reference only and must not be copied or distributed without prior permission.

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