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Consultancy service

At Business Disability Forum we take a collaborative approach to consultancy. Our expertise and understanding of best practice is based on more than 20 years’ experience of working with a broad and diverse range of public and private sector organisations.

Image of two delegates talking at a conference

Specialist consultancy

Needing to make positions redundant is always difficult. It can be made more challenging and complex for organisations when considering the issues related to disability, for example, ensuring the selection criteria do not discriminate against or disadvantage disabled employees, ensuring reasonable adjustments are understood and accommodated throughout the process and addressing challenges and appeals from affected disabled employees.

To provide assistance for organisations Business Disability Forum has developed a consultancy support package to ensure organisations successfully navigate these difficult issues.

The package includes support to:

  • agree the scope of the redundancy project and advise on the selection pool and criteria being used;
  • advise on the process of accommodating reasonable adjustments through the redundancy stages;
  • advise on how best to consult disabled employees (collectively and individually) who are working from home;
  • advise on adjustments to ensure that the whole process whether conducted in person or remotely is fully accessible;
  • advise on reasonable adjustments for redeployment and trial periods;
  • advise on specialist disability issues during the redundancy process.

How it works

Our HR and disability expert Clare Cromarty will provide guidance and support throughout the process by document reviews, online video calls, e-mail and over the phone, starting with a scoping call.

The standard package is £2,500 to members and £3,500 to non-Members.  There’s also room for flexibility in what the package entails and the details and costs will be agreed as part of the set-up process.

More information

For more information or to discuss how to set up a support package contact:

Rick Williams, Head of Consultancy,  +44 (0)7788 448 428 or Clare Cromarty, Senior Consultant,, +44 (0)7905 140 858

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