• Disability Standard

    Our Disability Standard is the single most important tool to help your organisation to become disability-smart using ten simple, measurable and achievable criteria.

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  • Disability-smart blog

    Take a look at the latest opinion pieces, event reviews and commentary on Business Disability Forum's official blog, 'Disability-smart'.

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  • Technology Taskforce

    The Technology Taskforce is a Business Disability Forum Partner initiative which brings together some of the world's largest procurers and suppliers of ICT.

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Becoming disability-smart is a catalyst for making your organisation more productive and more effective.
  • Talent recruitment

    The pool of talented disabled people in the UK is large: there are over seven million people, or 18 per cent of the working-age population.

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  • Customer experience

    Whether you are a public body or a company, your customers and service users are the most important people you deal with and you cannot can afford to ignore their needs.

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  • Employee engagement

    The skills and expertise that your organisation will acquire in supporting disabled employees are the same skills that will help your organisation realise the potential of all employees.

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