Mental health toolkit

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Everyone seems to be talking about mental health, stress and wellbeing – and no wonder. With latest statistics showing that one in three of us will experience a period of mental ill health every year we all need to talk about mental health more and Mental Health Awareness Week is a great time to start. We can help you start the conversation in your workplace with our Mental Health Toolkit.
People learn in different ways so within the mental health toolkit we have provided formats that cover those with preferences for reading, video learning and face-to-face training. Hosted on your intranet or Learning Management System these guides and videos can be accessed at your line managers' convenience and take-up can be monitored as part of your pan-organisation mental health strategy.

In the toolkit you’ll receive:

Line manager guide: Mental health at work, sponsored by EY

Cover of mental health at work guide sponsored by EY

This guide is about mental health and will challenge managers first to look at their own attitudes and assumptions about people who experience mental ill-health. It will also help them to look after their own mental wellbeing and become more empathetic to their employees. Most of all, this guide will help your managers become better people managers.

Briefing: Employment adjustments for people experiencing Stress, Anxiety and Depression, sponsored by HSBC

Cover of Briefing: Employment adjustments for people experiencing Stress, Anxiety and Depression, sponsored by HSBC

Our Briefings are a best practice resource for employers, featuring up-to-date guidance and examples of how businesses recruit and retain people with disabilities. They are intended for personnel, human resources, recruitment and training specialists as well as line managers. This resource will improve managers’ strategies for managing complex mental health situations. 

Three videos modules: Mental Health e-guidance

A screenshot from mental health e-guidance module one

Module 1: Awareness 
In the first module of our workplace mental health e-guidance series participants will be asked to think about their own attitudes and assumptions toward mental health and to consider how they work with colleagues with mental health conditions.

Module 2: Having sensitive conversations with colleagues
The module is designed to equip line managers with the knowledge they need to prepare for and confidently accomplish a sensitive conversation with a colleague about their mental health.

Module 3: Making workplace adjustments for colleagues with mental health conditions
This module provides managers with guidance on making workplace adjustments for colleagues with mental health conditions and managing the possible impact of a reasonable adjustment upon the rest of the team.

One training session: Line manager training for up to 20 delegates

Line manager trainingMental health at work: This session provides managers with an introduction to mental health as an equality and inclusion issue, helping them understand the experiences of colleagues experiencing mental ill-health and the barriers they may face in the workplace. Delegates will then work through a number of case studies based on cases previously advised on by the trainer, to identify practical and realistic measures to effective support these colleagues in the workplace.
Turn your mental health awareness into action!

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All of our guidance can be purchased in hard copy or licensed for your company intranet. We can also customise our guidance to your corporate branding.

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