Welcoming Disabled Customers

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Disability awareness

This guide is for:

  • Customer and client facing colleagues.
  • Customer service teams.
  • Colleagues with responsibility for developing and delivering new products and services.
  • Colleagues with responsibility for accessibility and inclusion.
  • Colleagues with responsibility for training and development.

About this guide

The spending power of disabled people in the UK is around £249 billion per year and set to increase as the number of people living with a disability grows.

Therefore, providing an inclusive and welcoming service for disabled customers and clients is a must for every business.

Disabled people want to access the same products, facilities, and services, as everyone else, and have a right to do so
under the law.

In this guide, we will look at the role that you can play in making sure this happens.

This guide considers the needs and preferences of customers and clients with different disabilities and how you can meet them through the customer service you deliver.

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5 quick tips for meeting the needs of disabled customers 

A girl smiles whilst facing the camera with her thumbs up. She wears glasses.

Check out our 5 quick tips for meeting the needs of disabled customers.

  • Never assume the existence or absence of a disability.
  • Always ask the customer how you can best assist them.
  • Remember, to meet the customer’s needs you may need to do things differently, but the standard of service you provide should remain the same.
  • Be aware of accessible facilities and equipment available, such as ramps and hearing loops.
  • Be prepared to offer and spend extra time with someone who might need it.

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