Mental Health Toolkit - sponsored by Anglo American

Mental Health Toolkit
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Our Mental Health Toolkit sponsored by Anglo American gives BDF Members and Partners exclusive access to multiple resources that will assist, inform and guide you as you create your own workplace mental health policies and consider the mental health of your staff.

All resources have been carefully curated and can be downloaded for you to print, share or upload to your intranet. In the toolkit you will find:

  • Best practice case studies from well-known organisations such as Unilever and the London Ambulance Service.
  • Useful blog posts, podcasts and articles covering key topics, scenarios and research around mental health in the workplace.
  • A deeper dive for HR Professionals – featuring legal case studies, Business Disability Forum research and briefings on Stress, Anxiety and Depression; and Mental health and the Law.
  • Clear written and video guidance for managers ‘What managers need to know’, which will lead you through how to spot the signs when someone is unwell, how to have sensitive conversations, how to maintain boundaries, how to handle serious situations, plus much more.

Our Mental Health Toolkit will be updated regularly so make sure you look out for notifications when new resources are added.

This is the first in a series of toolkits we'll be bringing exclusively freely to our Membership so do keep a look-out as we bring more in the future.

To gain access to your exclusive membership benefit, please log onto the Member Hub or contact your relationship manager for more information. If you have forgotten your password to the Member Hub it can be reset via the "Forgot password?" link on the page.

‘Having sensitive conversations’ resource for managers

Speaking to a team member about their mental health can be a daunting prospect. Yet, overlooking the signs of poor mental health for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, can simply make matters worse for the colleague concerned, your team, and the organisation as a whole.

With sponsorship from Anglo American, we have produced our ‘Having sensitive conversations’ resource to help equip all managers to begin conversations about mental health. This free 7-page resource will help you to:

  • Create a culture of openness and trust.
  • Spot the signs that someone may be in mental distress.
  • Plan for and hold sensitive conversations with team members.
  • Maintain boundaries and look after your own mental health.

Download the resource here (PDF Version)

Download the resource here (Word Version)

‘Having sensitive conversations’ is part of our Mental Health Toolkit. Our carefully curated toolkit contains multiple resources to assist, inform and guide organisations as they create their own workplace mental health policies and consider the mental health of their staff.

The full Mental Health Tookit is available for free to our Members and Partners. You can find out more about Business Disability Forum membership on our membership page here.

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Download a free sample of this publication