Module 3: Making workplace adjustments for colleagues with mental health conditions

Video learning

This module provides managers with guidance on making workplace adjustments for colleagues with mental health conditions and managing the possible impact of a reasonable adjustment upon the rest of the team.

In this module, participants will learn how to:

Implement workplace adjustments for colleagues with mental health conditions;

  • Consider the needs of the individual, the business and the effects on the wider team and customers when making decisions about workplace adjustments;
  • Identify the various types of adjustments suitable for a person with a mental health condition;
  • Deal with the effects of workplace adjustments upon other colleagues;
  • Review the effectiveness of a workplace adjustment and make amendments if necessary; and
  • Use a tailored adjustment agreement to keep a record of any adjustments made and set review dates for the adjustments.

This module also includes videos of a conversation between a line manager and employee based on a real life scenario.

Licensing costs

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To complement the e-guidance series, a line manager guide on Mental health at work is also available for licensing.

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