‘The use of well selected case studies led to good discussions.’
Camden Ability, Barrier free recruitment

Here is some of the feedback given by our clients on our professional development workshops...

Feedback on our 'Barrier free recruitment' course

‘The use of well selected case studies led to good discussions.’

‘Very comprehensive overview of a complex topic. Excellent training session, thanks!’

‘One of the best courses I’ve attended. Interactive, good pace with good examples.’

‘Good overview - managed to fit in a lot with capacity to discuss in open environment.'


Feedback on our 'Making adjustments for disabled colleagues' course

‘The trainer was very engaging and knowledgeable.’

'Case studies and discussion with others on the course was really useful.’

‘The guidance on what constitutes reasonable helps to initiate conversation.’

‘This is a course I believe all parts of an organisation would benefit from.’

‘Thank you. Absolutely great introductory series. Should be mandatory!’

‘The discussions and ability to ask questions were really useful.’

‘Discussions on the emphasis of talking to people rather than diagnosing was very helpful.’

‘Will definitely recommend this course to others, I fully expect to apply what I have learned in life and at work.’

‘I appreciated the practical examples and simple explanations of terms.’

‘Very good!’

‘All of it was useful.’

‘The course subject was completely new to me and I felt all objectives were met.’

‘A very interesting introduction to disability awareness for managers, and how to overcome barriers. Good examples used to bring out the key points and open out discussions.’

‘A great way to discuss with colleagues on different matters.’

‘Some good discussions and very thought provoking.’

‘Highlights the importance of communication.’

‘I learnt that there is more to disability then meets the eye, there is more to it.’

'A lot of this is good management practice.’

‘The trainer was engaging.’

‘Very relevant and well delivered.’

‘All good, worthwhile.’

‘Great for all line managers, perhaps it should be compulsory.’

‘All senior Line managers must attend!’

‘Reasonable, interactive and informative workshop. Thank you.’

‘It was all useful and structured well.’

‘This training would be beneficial for all line managers.’

‘Very helpful insight, a good start. Made me want to find out more.’

‘This course should be mandatory to all managers at all levels to make a workplace a better place.’

‘The instructor was excellent and very engaging.’

‘Brilliant information and discussions.’

‘Was a valuable learning opportunity and I can take this back on a personal and line management level.’

‘Easy, plain language used tailored for mixed experienced audience.’

‘The trainer was excellent, clear open and helpful.’

‘Well presented.’


Feedback on our 'Neurodiversity' course

‘The topic area is very important for us to be aware of and get other’s opinions and experiences in real life working practices.’

‘Highly recommended for all managers.’


Feedback for our 'Autism at work' course

‘Exellent, informative training.’

‘Very informative and engaging, the trainer was able to answer all questions and had a great knowledge.’


Feedback for our 'Removing barriers: Dyslexia' course

‘Great course - really engaging.’

‘The trainer was engaging and answered all questions raised.’

‘Very informative, with an engaging and knowledgable trainer.’

‘As a line manager it was very useful to know the process to follow.’

‘Really useful, will definitely use knowledge gained today.’


Feedback on our 'Disability: smart customer service' course

‘Very engaging and open to questions throughout.’

‘Very informative and good range of discussions.’


Feedback on our 'Disability Confidence: Welcome Disabled Customers for the attraction managers' course

'Truly the best day I have had at work in 2018 so far.'