Line manager training

Reasonable adjustments in practice

This session introduces line managers to the concept of reasonable adjustments as tools to enable employees to perform to their full potential, before guiding managers through the practicalities of making adjustments in practice, namely:

  1. Identifying when an employee could benefit from an adjustment, or when the employer could be ‘reasonably expected to know’ about an employee’s disability.
  2. Having sensitive conversations with employees about their health and disability, in order to identify and remove any barriers they are facing.
  3. Making and reviewing adjustments, ensuring that they remain reasonable and effective for both the employee and employer.

Mental health at work 

This session provides managers with an introduction to mental health as an equality and inclusion issue, helping them understand the experiences of colleagues experiencing mental ill-health and the barriers they may face in the workplace. Delegates will then work through a number of case studies based on cases previously advised on by the trainer, to identify practical and realistic measures to effective support these colleagues in the workplace.

Non-visible disabilities 

This training highlights the breadth of non-visible disabilities to managers, focused on the practical effects within the workplace, and guides managers through particular challenges associated will non-visible conditions, including:

  1. Identifying when a colleague may benefit from an adjustment due to a non-visible disability they have not told their employer about
  2. Situations where an employee may not think of themselves as disabled or recognise their disability, but where the employee still has a duty to make adjustments
  3. Communication with the rest of the team in cases when visible adjustments have been made for a non-visible disability which the disabled employee does not want to share with others.