HR & Diversity specialists

Advising line managers on disability  

An in-depth course giving HR specialists the tools they need to confidently advise line managers on a variety of cases that may involve a disability. Separated into four modules:

  1. Reasonable adjustments and the law – providing an essential framework to successfully retaining and developing disabled employees
  2. Performance management and disability – ensuring your performance management processes do not unconsciously disadvantage disabled employees, and using workplace adjustments to maximise the potential of all colleagues
  3. Attendance management – handling complex long-term sickness cases and minimising the cost of sickness absence by supporting colleagues back into work
  4. What is reasonable? Handling challenging and complex cases where it may not be possible to retain a disabled colleague in their current role, including cases involving misconduct that may be related to a disability or mental health condition.

Reasonable adjustments and the law  

A legal master class based around the framework used by employment tribunals to determine whether the employer has a duty to make a reasonable adjustment, and whether adjustments are reasonable. Delegates will apply the legal theory to several scenarios based on recent case law, supported by judgements reached by tribunal.

Performance management and disability 

For delegates who already have a strong understanding of reasonable adjustments and the law. A workshop based around increasingly complex performance and conduct issues based on real cases previously advised on by our trainer. Delegates will work to determine the legal position, a best-practice solution and a highly practical breakdown of the ‘next steps’ in each case.

Attendance management and disability  

For delegates who already have a strong understanding of reasonable adjustments and the law. A workshop based around cases involving long term sickness absence, regular unpredictable sickness absence, or situations where an employee may require time off work as a result of their disability. Delegates will work to find solutions that will help the employee return to work as quickly and effectively as possible, minimising the costs of sickness absence to the organisation and improving employment outcomes for the disabled employee.

Mental health: managing serious situations

For delegates with a strong working knowledge of the Equality Act 2010 and experience in handling mental health cases. This workshop explores serious situations where you may be concerned about the safety of a colleague experiencing mental ill-health, including suicidal ideation, self-harm, serious behaviour and conduct issues or colleagues exhibiting unpredictable behaviour or absent without leave. Delegates will learn how to navigate these most challenging situations with due regard to the wellbeing and safety of all colleagues, equality law, confidentiality and reputational risk.