Why use the Disability Standard?

The Disability Standard is an online management tool developed by Business Disability Forum to help businesses to measure and improve on performance for disabled customers, clients or service users, employees and stakeholders. It allows you to see how disability-smart your organisation is across the whole of your business.

An evaluation will enable you to:

  • Understand in very practical terms what 'good' looks like across your organisation, what is and isn't working, and what you need to do in order to get it right
  • Recognise where you are doing well
  • Have impartial, objective evidence to persuade senior management to invest in business improvement, and allocate resources accordingly
  • Identify and minimise disability-related legal and reputational risk 

Organisations have different reasons for doing the Disability Standard: some want to undertake an evaluation sooner rather than later for the purpose of finding out ‘where they are’, to develop an action plan or disability strategy, and to identify their key priorities to work on next; others want to do as much work as possible before they submit in order to get the highest mark they possibly can.  

For more information, contact our Advice Service to speak to a consultant by email at advice@businessdisabilityforum.org.uk or by phoning 020 7403 3020.