Disability Standard process

Self assessments

All Members have free access to our Self assessment tool. You can self assess how different business units are doing in one area, or in all 10 areas, and print off your own report. We have devised a simple scoring system, which is explained further in the support section.
  • Each organisation will be allocated one super-user who will have overall control of your submission. 
  • Your super-user can ask other people in your organisation to do parts of the self assessment.  The website has been designed to send an automatic email to a colleague notifying them about which section to complete.
  • Once you have submitted your assessment you can generate an automated report which provides a summary of scores, highlights, strengths and weakness and links to sources of best practice and information.
  • This report will be stored online and can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • We recommend that you review this report internally to confirm that your submission is an accurate reflection of where your organisation is with its work on disability. Business Disability Forum will not be able to provide direct feedback on this report.
  • You can update your self-assessment as often as you wish.


BDF's Disability Standard evaluation offers you the opportunity to get your self assessment analysed and validated by disability experts who will prepare a tailored report evaluating your performance. Although doing a self assessment will be invaluable, you could find a BDF Disability Standard evaluation helpful in providing expertise and guidance, particularly in areas where you feel less confident. Having your assessment evaluated by our experts will also allow for greater recognition of your achievement and effort.
  • Before submitting for an evaluation, check that you have answered all questions, provided supporting evidence for every statement you make and that evidence has been assigned to relevant folders. If in doubt, contact a member of the Advice Service so that they can check for you.
  • When you confirm you are having an evaluation, your Strategic Adviser or Relationship Manager will support you as you go through the process and show you how to use the Disability Standard website to submit your answers and evidence.
  • We will agree a date with you for when you want your Disability Standard evaluation to be undertaken so that our team of evaluators can check availability and book it.
  • You will have to submit your assessment for Disability Standard evaluation by the mutually agreed deadline.
  • Our evaluation team will carry out a comprehensive review of your submission.
  • You will receive a detailed report within eight weeks of your submission. If you need it sooner, please tell us in advance. You will be told if you have achieved Gold (90% or more), Silver (80% or more), Bronze (70% or more), or Participant status.
  • You will receive a Disability Standard electronic badge acknowledging the above, which can be used from this point on as part of your organisation’s email signature or on your website.
  • You will have a debrief with the lead evaluator either in person or over the phone.