Disability Standard

Business Disability Forum provides a unique range of advice, support and expert tools to help organisations become disability-smart. Our Disability Standard is at the heart of what we do. It helps organisations to measure and improve their progress towards becoming disability-smart. It’s the best way of checking how disability-smart your organisation is, right across your business.

International disability performance tools

We are proud that our Disability Standard provides the framework for the ‘Access and Inclusion Index’ offered by the Australian Network on Disability and the Ministry of Labor’s ‘Mowaamah’ certification system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

The ten business areas covered in the Disability Standard are as follows:

1.    Commitment

You promote your commitment to best practice on disability internally and externally.

2.    Know-how

You equip your employees so that they are confident interacting with disabled people, knowing what to do and how to do it.

3.    Adjustments

You anticipate the needs of disabled people and have a robust process for making any adjustments that might be needed by individuals.

4.    Recruitment

You attract and recruit disabled people, which gives you access to the widest talent pool at every level.

5.    Retention

You value all your employees, including those who are disabled or who become disabled, and are committed to their retention and development.

6.    Products and services

You value your disabled customers, clients and service users and address their needs when developing and delivering your products and services.

7.    Suppliers and Partners

You expect your suppliers and corporate partners to reflect and enable you to meet your commitment to disability best practice.

8.    Communication

When you communicate with disabled people, you are as inclusive as possible and whenever necessary you make adjustments for individuals.

9.    Premises

Your premises are accessible to people with disabilities and whenever necessary you make adjustments for individuals.

10. Information and communication technology (ICT)

Your ICT is accessible and usable by disabled people and you also make adjustments for individuals.

Membership of Business Disability Forum includes the ability to self-assess performance in the ten areas above.

The Disability Standard is sponsored by Accenture

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