Common questions about entering The 2019 Disability Smart Awards

A selection of award winners stand on their red carpet

Everything you need to know about entering

The 2019 Disability Smart Awards are open for entry. Here is everything you need to know about entering for an Award this year (and if every question hasn’t been answered here’s how to ask your question).

What are the Disability Smart Awards?

The Disability Smart Awards celebrate outstanding disability smart action and initiatives taken by business and individuals working within business. From Global leaders to D&I Practitioners, innovative campaigners and change making influencers to really great customer service providers; this is your opportunity to showcase the great work you or that your colleagues have been doing and to see how it compares with others working in the same field.

We don’t have a really big budget? Is there any chance that we could win against organisations with a lot of money to spend?

Absolutely. The judges aren’t looking for who has spent the most money. They want to see thoughtful, impactful initiatives that have had the greatest impact. Last year Finalists included the London Borough of Hounslow, Brunswick Park Primary & Nursery School and Neatebox. West Midlands Police also won an Award beating off strong competition from EY and Guidant.

Is there a cost associated with entering for an Award?

There is no cost associated with entering a submission for an Award and organisations are welcome to submit for more than one Award. Our aim is to recognise and celebrate the best in disability inclusion.

 If you are nominated by the judges to be a finalist you will automatically be reserved places at the Awards Ceremony on 23 October at the Locarno Suite at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)  where winners will be announced. There is no cost to attend. The ceremony has been sponsored by Barclays and supported by the FCO who provides the room for us and so attendance is free of charge. 

Will entering involve a great deal of work and resources?

Hopefully not as these Awards for work you’ve already done. This will be action you have taken and embedded perhaps over some time and you have evidence of the results and what you have learnt for the future.

Does it have to be something that we’ve done just this year?

Not at all. The judges recognise that real change comes about as a result of a long period of hard work. They also want to see what the impact of the action after a period of review and what you’ve learnt to ensure that change and improvement has been embedded.

What evidence do we have to submit?

Our Judges will be looking for evidence from you on

  • Why you decided to take the action or start the initiative
  • Who and how many people have benefited from it
  • Who was involved in the delivery (top tip – this should include disabled people!)
  • What it was that you did; and most importantly
  • What was the impact and how have you measured success?

Do we have to be Members or Partners to enter for an award?

No. The Awards are open to any organisation whether a Member or not, who wants to showcase outstanding disability inclusion.

What is the closing date and when will we know if we’ve won?

Entries must be in by Sixth of September 2019 and Finalists notified shortly afterwards. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at the Locarno Suite, Foreign & Commonwealth Office on 23 October 2019. 

The judges will draw up a short list of Finalists for each Award. Finalists will be invited to the Ceremony and we will reserve places for them at tables but you will not know if you have won until the ceremony itself

Not answered your question? Contact Bela Gor at to ask your question and find out more about the 2019 Disability Smart Awards.