Disabled People's Choice Award

Business Disability Forum believes inclusive and accessible customer service should be standard practice and that every workplace should be a great place to work.

We would like to recognise an organisation that you have chosen that really cares about its disabled customers, users or employees with a Disabled People's Choice Award at our Disability-Smart Awards 2018. The winner will collect their award at our award ceremony in Autumn 2018 in central London.

We want to hear from you about a business, organisation or employee who has made a real difference in your life or the life of a disabled person you know. Perhaps it’s your own employer or a shop or small business. It could be a library, school, charity or health provider that you, a friend or family member really values and should know how much you appreciate them.

Do you have a story associated with an individual employee or a company which is an outstanding example of a business providing inclusive and accessible customer service?

Or perhaps this organisation has helped to bring about positive change for disabled people?

If so, please put them forward for our ‘Disabled People’s Choice Award for the most inclusive service provider, employer or experience’. This is your opportunity to say thank you and help them to get the recognition they deserve. Let’s highlight what they are doing well so that others can follow their lead.

This award is given to an organisation nominated by disabled people. Large or small, this award will be given to a business that has been an outstanding employer or provided the most inclusive and accessible customer service or experience or created positive change for disabled people or a group of disabled people.


1. How have disabled people been involved with the organisation?
2. What has the organisation done to improve the lives of disabled people or a group of disabled people?

The award will be presented at our Disability-Smart Awards in November 2018.

Please complete the form below and tell us why your nominated organisation should win this Award. Remember to include their contact details so we can get in touch with them to tell them they have won!

You can also submit your entry using the following nomination form. Completed forms should be emailed to us at: dsawards@businessdisabilityforum.org.uk

The deadline for entries has been extended from Thursday 20 September to Friday 28 September 2018.

Disabled People's Choice Award entry form available for download (Word)

Disabled Peoples Choice Award