Disability-Smart Award 2018 categories

1. Senior disability champion of the year

Awarded to the individual at C-suite or board member level (or equivalent) who has shown true leadership and used their position to enhance the experiences of disabled people throughout the business


  1. How senior is this individual level (or equivalent) who has most effectively used their position to visibly influence disability performance across the business and wider business community?
  2. How do people within and externally to the business know this person is the disability champion?
  3. What impact has the senior champion’s activity had?
  4. How visible has this activity been?
  5. How have they engaged with all stakeholders including disabled people?
  6. What influence have they had on the wider business community and public policy?

2. Inclusive service provider of the year

Awarded to the organisation that has most significantly improved the inclusivity of their products and services and provided outstanding customer service to disabled customers and their families, friends and colleagues.


  1. How have disabled people been included in the development of the products and services?
  2. How many disabled customers have had access to the improved and accessible services or products?
  3. Has the service reduced extra costs for disabled people and if so how?
  4. How is the accessibility and inclusiveness of the service or product tested and reviewed?
  5. Has this innovation influenced wider practice in your sector and if so how?

3. Positive cultural change of the year

Awarded to the organisation that has demonstrated the greatest positive change in attitudes towards disability, disabled colleagues, customers and stakeholders within their business


  1. How have you involved disabled people in identifying cultural challenges and the solutions? 
  2. How have you measured your success? Please provide any data you have collected.
  3. How do you ensure the longevity of the changes you have made?
  4. How has this improved the organisational culture for people with a wide of different impairments or conditions?
  5. Can you show this has encouraged people to be more open about their disability or condition at work?
  6. Can you show that this has caused line managers and/or customer facing staff to think about disability and accessibility and/or be more comfortable having conversations about disability?

4. Workplace adjustments innovation of the year (sponsored by Microlink)

Awarded to the organisation that has displayed the greatest innovation in the timely and effective provision of workplace adjustments and the best experience for employees.


  1. How can you demonstrate that adjustments, on average, are delivered in a timelier manner?
  2. How can you demonstrate improvement in adjustments being delivered in a cost effective and consistent manner? 
  3. How can you demonstrate disabled employees’ experience of using the end-to-end adjustments process has improved?
  4. How do you ensure people who may need adjustments are aware of the adjustments process and the support available?
  5. How are extended, more complex cases managed (for example, when adjustments prove ineffective or unsustainable)? 
  6. How do you communicate the role and value of adjustments to all employees?

5. Influential business of the year

Awarded to the organisation that has been most influential in spreading best practice to the wider business community and public policy.


  1. How can you show that you have shared your disability-related knowledge and innovations with the wider business community?
  2. How have you influenced disability-related government policy?
  3. How have you used your public profile and brand to change public attitudes towards disability?
  4. How has this enhanced your reputation among disabled people?
  5. What is your strategic approach towards these types of activity?
  6. How can you demonstrate that your innovation is now widely recognised as best practice?

6. Technology initiative of the year (sponsored by Microlink)

Awarded to the organisation that has most effectively deployed technologies to remove barriers for disabled colleagues, customers and stakeholders.


  1. How innovative is the technology and why?
  2. Potentially how many disabled people has this benefited?
  3. What impact has this had on disabled colleagues, customers, and stakeholders?
  4. How have disabled people been involved in the design and review of this innovation?
  5. What have been the benefits of implementing this technology to your business?

7. The Disabled People's Choice Award - New for 2018

This award is given to an organisation nominated by disabled people. Large or small this award will be given to a business that has been an outstanding employer or provided the most inclusive and accessible customer service or experience or created positive change for disabled people or a group of disabled people.


  1. How have disabled people been involved with the organisation?
  2. What has the organisation done to improve the lives of disabled people or a group of disabled people?

The deadline for entries was extended from Thursday 20 September to Friday 28 September 2018 and entries are now being reviewed.