Offer 2: Performance management - making it fair, getting it right

A comprehensive strategy to guide you in managing and supporting the performance of disabled colleagues. This will enhance equal access to professional development and career progression opportunities, and help you identify and capitalise on disabled talent within your organisation. Our performance management review will enable your organisation to identify and remedy gaps in the performance management skills of your line managers and minimise risk to your organisation.

The Performance Management offer includes:

  • Desktop document review - we will review all relevant policies, procedures and guidance and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Performance management survey - we will facilitate the distribution of a survey to gauge disabled colleagues’ experiences and managers’ confidence relating to performance management, and carry out analysis of findings.
  • Focus group (HR) - we will run a focus group with HR colleagues to better understand how disability is factored into the performance management and review process.
  • Focus group (managers) - we will facilitate a focus group with managers to test understanding of the purpose and application of adjustments in the performance management and review process.
  • Interviews (HR, Disability Employees’ Network, Trade Union) - we will interview key stakeholders to enrich our understanding of the extent to which disability is factored into the performance management and review process.
  • Report - we will prepare a report with a suggested action plan to support process enhancement and implementation.
  • Presentation - we will present the draft report and action plan for discussion and agreement.

How will we work with you?

We will have an initial discussion with you to build a comprehensive picture of the structure and needs of your organisation, relevant stakeholders and the services it provides. This conversation will provide us with an understanding of your aims and priorities and ensure that the work we carry out meets your needs. 

Using our skills and expertise, we will develop an evidence based methodology, identify areas for improvement and provide a robust action plan to support the implementation of organisational change.

How long will it take?

We will agree a realistic, manageable timetable with you that fits with your priorities.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to discuss a specific proposal, please contact Adrian Ward, Senior Disability Consultant, at or on 020 7403 3020.