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Stat of the day: Train travel

By Angela Matthews

The theme of today’s statistic is inspired by my weekend, I travelled to Wales by train. One of the announcements on the train asked if we could all please read the safety cards on our seats and if anyone needs an alternative format could they please find the guard who will provide a braille version.

How many ‘issues’ can we find in that one announcement? So I looked up some transport-related stats, and found that it’s not all bad…

22 per cent of disabled people in the UK have difficulties with accessing transport. This, however, shows an improvement since 2005 when the figure was 27 per cent (Source: Office for Disability Issues, 2011, Indicator F2).

I only recently found this, so you may know about it already – but Transport for London have a Travel Support Card to help people with non-visible or learning disabilities ask for support when travelling on public transport.

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