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Opinion piece

Legal update: Talking bout my generation

By Bela Gor

Much is written about Baby Boomers (it’s all their fault), and Generation X & Y and whatever comes next – Z presumably. It’s all about what we’ve done and how we behave.

One thing that strikes me is that this behaviour is unlikely to change as we age. The view the Western world has of little old ladies and upright old gents who put up with things quietly, is l think likely to take a knocking as Generation X reaches retirement. We are a generation who have seen ‘people power’ from the dismantling of the Berlin wall to the Arab Spring and we have developed a certain sense of entitlement.  I don’t think we are going to take kindly to being ignored or provided with poor service just because we can remember the day Elvis died.

This is something that retailers in particular would be wise to wake up to. I can fully see myself refusing to spend my hard earned or saved cash with businesses that don’t provide easy to use websites or in stores that resemble obstacle courses. In particular I think Generation X is going to expect good service. We are unlikely to quietly get on with it with a stiff upper lip and all that. I think we are going to shout about poor service loudly – probably on twitter and Facebook or whatever new thing has come along to replace them that we will have embraced on our next generation iGadget.  As something like 80% of the UK’s wealth is held by the over 50s we’ll be able to afford those lovely easy to use new gadgets remember.
The wiser amongst those who want to sell things to us – retailers, banks, airlines have already woken up to this and are actively thinking about mainstreaming accessibility into their products and services. Just as well I say. I’m off to air my list of complaints now.

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