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Guest blog

60 seconds with Bianca Prins, Global head of accessibility at ING


Why is disability inclusion important to you?

Disability inclusion is personal to me as a person with a disability. I want to do things that I want to do, my way, just like anybody else. When I joined ING, I learned that inclusion is not just a word, it’s actually there. You’re welcome, you can do your thing your way and you get equal opportunities, which is unique.

How can global companies make a positive impact in the lives of people with disabilities?

I’m a strong believer of corporate responsibility. Any business can take responsibility for their customers. We saw this at ING when we launched our accessible card last April in the Netherlands, we had a very high, positive response. People are really happy to be here. I also saw it when it came to digital banking and accessibility of digital channels. People have to be digital due to covid, and if it’s not accessible, people cannot manage their financials.

What are your top tips for developing a global approach to disability inclusion?

I’m advocating for one global approach where you connect business to compliance within the operational domain. If you look at the importance of corporate culture and employee networks, those are the elements that connect everything together. Accessibility, it’s not just HR, our accessibility belongs all over the place.

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