Roland Chesters


When you are suddenly told that you have two weeks to live, something changes.  It has to. This is what Roland Chesters was told in 2006.  And yet he’s still here. Roland talks about the inspirational journey he has been on and the positive changes that a diagnosis of HIV and AIDS have had on his life. His AIDS-defining illness was Progressive Multifocal Leukoencehpalytis, a brain disease with a usual survival rate of 20%, which has left him with neurological disabilities.

Roland was the Chair of the Staff Disability Network at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) where he was the Diversity & Equality Officer subsequently their Learning & Development Business Partner before leaving to set up his own business. He has been described as a courageous, honest, powerful and thought-provoking speaker and a compelling communicator, talking with passion about making the most out of life, taking pleasure from the simplest of things and fulfilment from the most complex. 

As a Trustee of Disability Rights UK and Vice Chair of the National Long Term Survivors’ Group and through his own company, Luminate, Roland empowers others to transform. As a life coach and a trainer, he challenges individuals and organisations to find and embrace the very best of themselves. As a speaker he inspires and leaves his audiences moved, thoughtful and stimulated.