Our 2017 Film Festival 72 hour challenge winners.

Winners at Business Disability Forum Film Festival 2018

We went out to students and graduates with a challenge to make a film in 72 hours. We wanted them to create a video about their experience and any barriers they have faced when applying for jobs and looking to progress from education to work.

The best of these short films took centre stage at our Technology Taskforce Film Festival on Tuesday 20 June 2017 where we announced our first, second and third place winners. 

First place: Big day

Students: William Horsefield and Samuel Ash.

University: University of Wolverhampton.

Course: William and Samuel is a second year student studying Film and Video Production.

Aspirations: William wants to work within media. He wishes to work for an employer who is disability-smart. He would like to work with his employer on training staff to understand how to communicate with deaf people in order to achieve effective communication and team work.

What inspired them?: William wanted to show technology can bridge the communication method of two worlds – i.e. those who can’t hear and those who can. He wanted to show that a deaf person could use everyday technology such as a smartphone to communicate.

Biggest challenge while making the film: Finding the resources at short notice.


Second place: Why I make life so hard

Student: Oliver Lam-Watson.

University: Kingston University.

Course: Oliver is studying his Masters in Architecture.

Aspirations: Oliver wants to be part of the next generation of young disabled talent that change the face of disability.

What inspired them?: Not only does Oliver want to showcase his talent but he believes filming is a fun thing to do. He always travels with a lot of gear and is asked why he does this, which in turn makes him wonder ‘why do I make myself suffer?’. So he made this video to explain to people and rationalise to himself, why he does what he does.

Biggest challenge while making the film: Making it fun.


Third place: Wheelchair man

Students: Trine Hagan, Gavin Roberts and Joey Thompson.

University: University of Creative Arts.

Course: Trine and Gavin are first year students studying Television Production. Joey is a final year student studying Jewellery.

Aspirations: Trine and Gavin are interested in making documentaries and working in media after university. They believe documentaries are a great way to give people a voice to tell their story.

What inspired them?: Since becoming disabled Joey has not changed his goals or lifestyle, he is still an outgoing person. Joey was able to secure his dream job as a blacksmith after graduation.

Trine and Gavin found Joey’s story encouraging and felt that the film challenge was an opportunity to share Joey’s optimistic message with others.

Biggest challenge while making the film: Time constraints.


Lucy Ruck, Technology Taskforce Manager at Business Disability Forum said:

"I am so grateful to our sponsors, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and our hosts, KPMG, who without, we would not be able to put on such an interesting and exciting event. I have been taken aback this year by our generous Technology Taskforce members who have really outdone themselves with such wonderful prizes for the winning filmmakers. From such gifts as Wembley tickets from Microlink, a top of the range laptop from KPMG, an XBOX from Microsoft, Amazon Echo’s from Barclays, and an Apple TV and smart watch from Santander.


Business Disability Forum - 'Inside Nutmeg House'


Enterprise Rent-A-Car - The blind hike


Business Disability Forum would kindly like to thank our host, sponsors and donors. 


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