Neil Cottrell

Director and Founder, LexAble

Graduate Entrepreneur of the Year (Cardiff University, 2011)
Technology4Good Accessibility Award (AbilityNet, 2012)

Neil is the Director and Founder of LexAble, an assistive software company who develop solutions for people with dyslexia and literacy issues. Neil, who is severely dyslexic and relies heavily on assistive technology, is a regular contributor to national and international disability conferences, speaking about topics such as coping strategies, assistive technology and best practices for disability support. He is also the creator of Global AutoCorrect, a discreet and intuitive tool that enables users to focus on what they're writing by automatically correcting their spelling as they type. Today his product is used by thousands of people in the UK and throughout the English-speaking world.

Neil is passionate about assistive technology and its power to enable people to achieve their full potential in education and the workplace. He is a leading voice in the assistive technology industry and an advocate of the 'coping strategies first' approach to disability support.