Martyn Sibley

Disability Consultant

Martyn Sibley

Born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, young Martyn Sibley was wary of the future. Would the world be ready for a fun-loving wheelchair user?

After making it through a difficult spinal operation and getting used to strangers looking after his care, the world started to open up.

Whilst working for an NGO in London, a professional conference provided the chance meeting with an amazing American couple, that would change Martyn’s life forever.

For only £50 they built Martyn a blog and taught him how to empower disabled people. After this he never looked back! Embracing the world of new digital media, Martyn started out as a blogger, before gaining a Masters degree in Marketing and becoming a media spokesperson for disabled people; presenting for the BBC, interviewing for the Guardian and across the international media.

He left his job and became an accessible travel blogger and later went on to publish his book ‘Everything is Possible’ (M. Sibley, 2016). Martyn was a co-founder of Disability Horizons magazine and Accomable; which was later acquired by Airbnb in 2017. 

Now recognised as Britain’s third most influential disabled person by Shaw Trust’s Disability Power 100; Martyn is a motivational speaker, coaching others to change the world, whilst acting as an ambassador for personal growth, disability rights, and societal inclusion. His substantial social media following attests to the popularity of his message.

Everything Martyn does is mission driven. Hosting panels for the BBC, keynote speaking for the ARA, presenting for Toyota’s Mobility Foundation, he is a popular speaker on many panels including travel companies such as Expedia and for a range of charities. Martyn is equally happy coaching for organisations in London, video presenting in Barcelona, or public speaking in Tokyo; he's always smiling and having fun.

Martyn likes to remember that none of this would have been possible if it hadn’t been for the £50 he invested in himself, and never faltering in his dream of living in a world without barriers, prejudice or discrimination.