Marina Matosic

Careers & Employability Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University

Working as a Careers Consultant in Manchester Met; a university proud of its widening participation agenda, Marina empowers students to make the most of all the opportunities open to them.  In particular, she supports disabled students to develop resilience and confidence for the workplace of the 21st century - where new technology is seen as both an asset and a threat.

She helps students to push their own boundaries and think of creative ways to overcome barriers presented by disability. Marina, who became visually impaired whilst studying at University, understands the enormity of disclosure and works to equip students to positively, and knowledgeably, face future challenges in gaining their first footing in the graduate workplace.

Marina is also the chair of the university’s Disabled Staff Forum; a space for disabled people to think through and come up with ideas and solutions to problems they face every day as disabled members of staff.  The forum enables staff the opportunity to grow personally and professionally; and so is an empowering collective to be part of. This work supports both the wider university and informs her own practice with students.

For many years, Marina chaired the Association of Careers Advisory Service (AGCAS) Disability Task Group to represent the views of colleagues from across UK universities, and to challenge and grow the debate about disability.  Each year AGCAS produce the report ‘What Happens Next?’  This shows the destinations of disabled students leaving Higher Education and is publicly available on the AGCAS website. 

Marina feels that the journey never ends but along the way are many viewing points where she can look back and see the inclusive landscape she and other champions have helped to create.