Leonie Watson

Digital accessibility consultant, writer and speaker.

Léonie Watson was previously Director of Accessibility at Nomensa, and Chair of the British Computer Association of the Blind. A well-known figure in the accessibility and inclusive design arena, she helps organisations around the world to create and implement successful digital inclusion strategies.

Léonie regularly contributes to the development of international accessibility guidelines and standards. Amongst other things, she is a member of the W3C HTML Accessibility Taskforce, a member of the international committee working on ISO 14289-1 PDF Universal Accessibility, and a co-author of British Standard 8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice.

Léonie first began using the internet in 1993, turned it into a career in 1997, and joined Nomensa in 2002. It’s proved to be a perfect match, with Nomensa’s ability to humanise technology and put people at the heart of the experience, providing a perfect platform for Léonie’s passion and expertise.