Lauren Chiren

Founder - Women of a certain stage

Lauren smiles at the camera

Lauren is an executive health coach and menopause specialist. Since founding Women of a Certain Stage, Lauren has improved the lives of countless women and men in the UK and US in her role as mentor, keynote speaker and corporate menopause consultant.

Previously a senior executive in financial services, Lauren couples her notable experience with qualifications in psychology, physical training and sports therapy, nutrition, health and a wealth of transformational and mastery coaching training to shine a light on the impact of menopause and drive real change in global attitudes.

Lauren says, ‘Working with such a broad spectrum of clients including celebrities, athletes and business leaders, has given me a remarkable insight into how to support and empower women, to regain the vitality and presence they enjoyed before menopause.’

With a panoramic knowledge of corporate dynamics, Lauren also helps large organisations to navigate the transition successfully and empathically.

‘Corporate clients find that becoming menopause savvy improves wellbeing and morale, boosts performance, promotes inclusivity and ensures all employees can discuss menopause sensitively and practically. Additionally, being a menopause friendly firm helps attract and retain female talent and improve employee engagement and gender equality’

A trusted coach and mentor to many female executives, Lauren brings an insightful directness, commercial pragmatism and absolute passion for ensuring optimum wellbeing and resilience.