Graeme Whippy MBE

Senior Manager, Group Disability Programme, Lloyds Banking Group

Graeme Whippy is an expert on Work Place Adjustments and was awarded an MBE in the 2016 New Year’s Honours List for his services to people with dementia and disabilities. He worked for Lloyds Banking Group for over 16 years latterly as Senior Disability Manager. He has been seconded part time to Business Disability Forum (BDF) since January 2015 to help BDF develop additional services and leverage the experience gained at Lloyds Banking Group for the benefit of its members and partners.

Graeme was a contributing author to BS 8878 (a British Standard in web accessibility) and was recognised in the 2009 Financial Sector Technology Awards when he was presented with the award for 'Outstanding contribution by an individual to the industry'.

In his role with Lloyds as Senior Disability Manager, his most significant achievement was implementing and running an award winning reasonable adjustments process for disabled employees at Lloyds Banking Group that, since its launch in March 2010, has served nearly 30,000 colleagues and contributed to a significant reduction in sickness absence and improvement in disabled colleagues’ performance. Creating a process that democratised adjustments represented a paradigm shift in approach that has been shared with many other organisations and resulted in Graeme’s preferred term “workplace adjustments” becoming common parlance among disability inclusion advocates.