Dawn Milman-Hurst

Founder and CEO of Equal Approach

Dawn Milman-Hurst is the owner, founder and CEO of Equal Approach. Dawn left a well-respected career within HR, where she worked for a number of international organisations, to pursue her passion for diversity and inclusion, and as a result she created Equal Approach as an inclusive recruitment agency, in order to remove barriers for candidates with difference.

Since establishing Equal Approach in 2005, Dawn has developed the business beyond that of an inclusive recruitment agency, into a specialist provider of diversity and inclusion solutions, which offers a range of services surrounding the diversity lifecycle. Dawn has since established Equal Approach as a provider to both the Public and Private Sectors.

Dawn is a registered Institute of Equality and Diversity practitioner and is a judge for a number of high profile awards and examination bodies. Dawn is a regular public speaker, trainer and contributor to thought leadership pieces on a range of topics surrounding; inclusive recruitment, diversity & inclusion and talent management & promotion.

Her work has been formally recognised in a number of ways, including her recent inclusion in the inaugural Disability Power List 2015, which identified the top 100 most influential people in the disability arena in UK. Dawn has also been shortlisted for the Business Disability Forum’s Executive Disability Champion award, alongside previous formal recognition including; winning the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Recruitment Consultant of Year’ Awards.