David Bloomsfield

CEO, National Migraine Centre

David Smiles at the camera

David is CEO at the National Migraine Centre (NMC), a unique charity specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of primary headaches, principally migraine. NMC’s specialist headache doctors see patients from across the UK and have a superb reputation, +98% of patients recommend the clinic.

The National Migraine Centre has recently launched a corporate package to support large employers address migraine, recently estimated to cost the UK ca £10bn annually.

David has a PhD and started his career in research before moving into more commercial roles in the global electronics industry ultimately taking P&L responsibility for a $130m business, making contributions to international standards and debates at the EC.

Subsequently, David led a portfolio career on both sides of the for-profit divide taking board role in a number of charities with an increasing focus on ‘disability.’  He is currently a Governor of an NHS Trust.