Charlotte Rooney

Business Consultant, Environment Agency

Charlotte Rooney lives and works in her home town of Bristol with her husband John, and two children Ivy and Taius . Charlotte has worked at the Environment Agency in various roles since 1998, after graduating from the University of the West of England. Her current role as business advisor involves working with people to improve processes and communications. Prior to (and during) university Charlotte worked as a care assistant in many hospitals and care settings, including psychiatric.

Charlotte has been working with depression since being formally diagnosed in 2003 – though like many, the story started long before then. Her particular strength lies in being able to describe the day-to-day challenges that depression brings, and the struggle of reconciling it with the important life roles of mother, wife and worker. She has given talks at work on her personal experience of managing depression in the workplace, and has an open offer at work to talk to anyone who feels it might help. Charlotte manages her depression through a mixture of therapy when needed, good lifestyle choices, a spiritual path and a very supportive employer who deals positively with mental health issues.