Ash Tuft

Recoveries Manager at Enterprise

Ash is a Recoveries Manager at Enterprise and was a direct line manager for 2 and a half years.  She currently supports the operational management of over 30 employees as well as managing external relationships with customers and insurers. Prior to this she directly managed two team leaders who oversaw a total of 15 employees. Prior to that, Ash managed 13 direct line reports until the growth of the business increased new roles to share line management responsibilities.
Since becoming a line manager, Ash has supported a variety of employees with mental health issues. She works in a very large department which has seen huge growth in the last 3 years going from just over 30 employees to over 150 employees. Quite early on, Ash's ability to support employees who were managing mental health problems alongside work was recognised. Her approach includes offering them time to talk while providing more focused, practical support when needed, for example, making sure they felt supported to come to work if they were having a bad day or talking to them about workload adjustments. More recently Ash has been supporting employees who are coming back to work after a period of time off due to a mental health problem. Ash acts as their main point of contact and regularly checks in with them to see how they are finding their return to work, monitoring their workload and how they are doing.