Webinar - Getting disability right: challenges and opportunities for global organisations

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Generously sponsored by Shell

Helping organisations improve their disability confidence is at the core of what we do at BDF. For over 25 years, we've worked with private, public and voluntary organisations across most industries, witnessing a significant improvement in the business community's performance on disability. With UK business now at the forefront of disability best practice, our members are increasingly turning their focus to getting things right for staff and customers at a global level.

Global organisations with dispersed workforces and customer bases have a unique set of considerations when it comes to disability. From the British Embassy in Madrid, where we reviewed the inclusivity of the organisation's systems, policies and processes, to developing local versions of our Disability Standard in Australia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we're seeing more global organisations turning to us for guidance on getting things right for disabled people – wherever they may be.

Energy company & webinar sponsor Shell is one of those organisations interested in understanding how best to leverage their global resources to progress the disability agenda, when the local social, economic and political context varies so widely across the world. Amongst other initiatives, they are investing in a global process to provide workplace adjustments in order to provide a consistent standard of support whilst also promoting disability inclusion.

Join our panel of speakers from BDF Member & Partner organisations as we take a deeper look at the challenges and opportunities of delivering a disability strategy across a global organisation.

Facilitated by Christopher Watkins, this webinar will see panellists discuss topics such as:

  • Managing different cultural perceptions of disability: How does difference in cultural and social attitudes toward disability affect your organisation's disability agenda? Do you build disability confidence into your global corporate culture, or adapt your strategy to work in very different cultural contexts?
  • Managing disability-related processes and policies: Can an organisation have a truly global, centralised workplace adjustments process?
  • The structure of diversity & inclusion functions: What are the benefits of having a global lead and a centralised function versus having regional or national leads?
  • Differences in regulatory environments across the globe: What should an organisation consider when it comes to working across regions with different legislative requirements? Does a standardised global approach change the business case behind global supply chains?
  • Engaging with disabled employees: How do you support and engage with disabled employees in a meaningful and effective way, when their experiences outside of work can vary widely depending on their location?

Delegates will also have the opportunity to ask questions of our panel during a Q&A session.

By attending this webinar you will learn about:

  • How other global businesses raise levels of engagement with disability-related issues across their organisation;
  • How other organisations manage disability-related processes, policies and systems on a global scale;
  • Different models for managing varying cultural and social attitudes toward disability across countries or regions

In an increasingly connected world, we are keen to continue developing the global disability conversation and will invite all delegates to connect with contacts from across BDF’s membership who are willing to share their challenges and successes as the agenda progresses.

Who should attend?

Diversity and inclusion professionals; HR professionals; anyone with responsibility for supporting the delivery of a disability strategy.

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