Covid-19 & the technology that allows us to work from home

The challenges and opportunities for disabled people

Unprecedented numbers of people are currently having to work from home. In this webinar we will be exploring the particular challenges that disabled employees might have been experiencing and the opportunities that might have opened up. We will also consider what the future might look like beyond the current situation – what we have learnt and can build upon.

Joining Lucy Ruck, Taskforce Manager and Bela Gor, Head of Legal & Content will be:

  • Hector Minto - Senior Technology Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Neil Eustice - Diversity and Knowledge Manager, KPMG
  • Darren Rowan - Programme Manager, Lilly

Topics for discussion include:

  • How the technology that connects us while working remotely from each other works for people with different disabilities.
  • Why people who normally come into the office are reluctant to turn their cameras on for video conferences.
  • What the future might look like - will working from home be the “new normal” as the cost and environmental benefits are realised and is this desirable for everyone?
  • The benefits and the challenges of technology for disabled people now and in the future and whether technology can completely replace human support.
  • Security and privacy with technology that can track our movements and the impact of this on disabled people.

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