Impairment specific recruitment campaigns – do they work?

A man in a wheelchair going up a disabled ramp.

Generously hosted by the Home Office

Inaccessible and counter-inclusive recruitment processes can present one of the biggest barriers to disabled candidates and businesses looking to improve their diversity profile, potentially freezing out a huge pool of disabled talent. But how do employers address this problem effectively? Are impairment-specific recruitment campaigns the answer?

This panel discussion will explore if and how impairment-specific campaigns can benefit employees and businesses. It aims to help delegates decide if an impairment-specific recruitment campaign is the right approach for their organisation. We will be learning from employers who have used such campaigns effectively to improve the diversity of their workforce, as well as the mixed experiences of disabled candidates and employees.

Topics for discussion will include the benefits and risks of using such campaigns to reach talent pools often associated with specific skills, as some companies have attempted to do by targeting candidates with autism or dyslexia.

The panel will also assess the purpose and effectiveness of guaranteed interview schemes, and what they can do to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to disability.

Lastly, the event will ask whether quality candidates with some disabilities might be so uniquely disadvantaged by mainstream recruitment practices that they can only be reached by tearing up the rulebook altogether and utilising more innovative recruitment tools, whether they be highly individualised campaigns, work trials, or supported internships. Perhaps for some candidates, impairment-specific recruitment initiatives are the only option? Let’s discuss!

Who should attend?

HR and recruitment professionals, diversity and inclusion professionals, equality managers and anyone responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of recruitment strategies or campaigns.

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