Disability and recruitment

Hosted by Accenture.

This workshop will help you to understand the different roles of reasonable adjustments in recruitment.

Firstly, we will support you in how to attract a wider range of candidates and tap into the pool of ‘purple talent’ and help to take anticipatory action to remove common barriers in your recruitment process experienced by disabled candidates.

Secondly, we aim to help make effective adjustments to your recruitment process ensuring you access all candidates fairly and regardless of whether they have a disability.

We will support in helping you understand what you can and cannot ask regarding a candidates disability at each stage of the recruitment process and communicate this legal requirement to interviews and hiring managers.

Finally, we will discuss the pros and cons of disability and impairment specific recruitment campaigns. 

Who should attend?

  • Diversity and inclusion professionals.
  • Employee relations managers.
  • HR advisors.
  • Equality managers.
  • Recruitment managers. 

We would also like to welcome anyone responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of the organisation-wide workplace adjustments process.

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9:30am – 2:00pm


Accenture, 30 Fenchurch Street

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Price includes a networking lunch and is exclusive of VAT at 20%.

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events@businessdisabilityforum. org.uk

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