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Hosted by Sainsbury's

Our next Customer Taskforce meeting will be held on the 18 March 2020 hosted by Sainsbury's.

At our next Customer Taskforce, we will hear from Alison Dalton at British Airways, about how British Airways have been helping and supporting all their front line colleagues to recognise, empathise and take practical actions with customers who travel with non-visible disabilities.

Bryn Anderson from Sainsbury's will be sharing his personal experience of living with a non-visible disability and the assumptions people make about him. Sandra Wilkinson and Sarah Beisly will then provide us with insight into the work that Sainsburys are doing to support their customers with non-visible disabilities.

Rick Williams from Freeney Williams will be joining us to share the latest results of his 2019 survey. This new report includes all the findings and compares the 2019 results them with those from 2016. 

In 2016, the survey found that more than 4 million people abandoned a retail website because of the barriers they found, taking with them an estimated spend of £11.75 billion. In 2019, that lost business, the ‘Click-Away Pound’, has grown to £17.1 billion.

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Sainsbury's, 33 Holborn

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