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November 18, 2021

Neurodiversity Network 

Our next Neurodiversity Taskforce meeting will be hosted via Zoom on Thursday 18 November 2021 at 11:00am. This session will be focusing on neurodiversity and workplace adjustments. 

The aims and objectives of our virtual Neurodiversity Network (in collaboration with Lexxic) is to bring together our Members that want a safe space for insights, sharing best practice, connection, as well as building knowledge and awareness around neurodiversity in the workplace (remotely and face to face).   

There is an opportunity to listen to needs and find sustainable solutions, by bringing conversations and sharing stories in a virtual setting.  

If we wish to increase the number of people with neurodifferences entering and remaining in the workforce, getting it right on workplace adjustments is a vital part of any organisations journey.

When employees have a negative experience of their employer’s workplace adjustments process, significant negative consequences can occur.

Relationships between the employee and the organisation become distrustful and strained; employees may go off sick because of the relationship or they wait for the adjustments to be put in place; the employee may raise a formal grievance. The employee’s morale is reduced and there develops a distrust, not just in the manager, but the whole people and inclusion agenda in the organisation.

Organisations also need to be aware that many employees find the conversations about adjustments sensitive and, in many cases, avoid them for fear of stigma. Fundamentally, this impacts organisational performance and organisational results.

In this neurodiversity taskforce, we explore the options available to organisations when it comes to their workplace adjustments process. We will also explore lots of practical takeaways and examples of good practice. And of course, there will lots of time to take questions and to hear from you!

Our work 

The Neurodiversity Network is for everyone involved in HR and D&I and in other key roles across an organisation, and will provide a safe space to discuss a range of topics involving neurodiversity, from getting inclusion right for employees who are neurodiverse to ensuring that neurodiverse employees are given the tools to thrive – as well as those around them.   

Our meetings operate using the ‘Chatham House’ rule.  

This meeting will take place via Zoom and will include live captions. Guests will be welcome to join via the Zoom app, browser or via conference call.   

You can register your place by clicking here.  

If you are interested in joining, if you have any questions or would like to request adjustments for this meeting, please contact us at    

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