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After the success of our 2018 conference we are excited to announce our annual conference is back, bigger and better for another year. Within business, who is leading the way regarding disability? What does this look like? How is it being done?

We'll be answering these questions and more at our 2019 annual conference 'Disability leading the way'.

"Uncertain times call for great leadership and now, more than ever businesses need to find the leaders in their organisations and beyond. At this conference we will be exploring what we mean by great leadership and will in particular be celebrating disabled leaders. No organisation can afford to overlook talent and the most successful recognise that people from diverse backgrounds can bring unique perspectives that translate into successful business strategies."  - Bela Gor, Head of Campaigns and Legal at Business Disability Forum.

In a world where Brexit is looming, now more than ever before, we need to hear from business leaders who continue to lead the way within their organisations and have made a real impact in the lives of disabled people.

Our conference Disability leading the way, hosted by the British Library in their Knowledge Centre, will be an opportunity for you to learn from key individuals who have shown true leadership in effecting change within their organisations.

This year's annual conference will feature discussions on the following:

Tearing down taboos

Why do taboos still exist in the workplace? How can we bring down these barriers to improve disability equality in employment? We all know that there are still taboos around disability in the workplace, but why is that? Why are we hesitant to talk about these conditions that affect such a large proportion of the population?

The next generation, change makers & innovators

Be sure to join us as we discuss disability leadership, with a focus on how the next generation and the change makers are bringing about innovative change. In this discussion hear how the disability leaders are creating change through their millennial view of diversity; and through new technologies and social media platforms for engagement.

Leading the way, our Disability-Smart winners

Mark your diary to attend this discussion as our panel will share the latest best practice initiatives taking place amongst their peer organisations. Don't miss out as our Disability Smart Award winners will be sharing nuggets of wisdom about how to lead the way and get it right on disability within your organisation.

A change in our time? Leaders of Today.

Don't miss out on this great discussion panel, which will feature senior leaders from across industry sectors giving advice on how they have influenced huge change in their organisations. We will also be hearing from Dr Caroline Casey (pictured below) who heads up the influential #Valuable campaign and the Valuable 500 which was launched earlier this year at the World Economic Forum annual summit in Davos.

Meet our speakers

Angela Matthews Bela Gor Caroline Casey

Angela Matthews, Head of Policy and Advice at Business Disability Forum

Bela Gor, Head of Campaigns & Legal at Business Disability Forum

Caroline Casey, Founder at #Valuable & TheValuable500

Diane Lightfoot Marianne Waite

Diane Lightfoot, Chief Executive at Business Disability Forum

Marianne Waite, Director of The Valuable 500 Campaign and Inclusive Design Consultant

Mark Lomas, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at HS2 (High Speed Rail 2)

Victoria Cleland Martyn Sibley Molly Watts

Victoria Cleland, Executive Director for Banking, Payments and Innovation, Bank of England

Martyn Sibley, Disability Consultant

Molly Watt, Accessibility and usability consultant, keynote speaker and author 

Hector smiles at the camera, he has a white shirt and suit on Sara Marchant smiles at the camera Wendy Irwin smiles at the camera

Hector Minto, Microsoft Tech Evangelist for Europe, Middle East and Africa

Sara Marchant, Gatwick Accessibility Manager

Wendy Irwin, Head of Equality and Diversity at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

Abbi Brown smiles at the camera Asif faces the camera and smiles Anthony smiles at the camera

Abbi Brown, Account manager, disability rights activist and writer

Asif Sadiq, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for The Telegraph.

Anthony Burnett
Head of Diversity and Inclusion West Midlands Police

Meg Mathews smiles at the camera Simon faces the camera and smiles Simon smiles at the camera

Meg Mathews, Entrepreneur, Columnist and ambassador

Simon Kitchen, CEO, Bi Polar UK

Simon Minty, Business Disability Forum Associate & CEO, Sminty LTD 

David smiles at the camera Oliver smiles at the camera Peter smiles at the camera

David Bloomfield, CEO National Migraine Centre 

Oliver Lam-Watson, Athlete

Peter Hewitt-Penfold
Head of Property and Estates, Financial Conduct Authority

Birgit smiles at the camera Andy smiles at the camera Brian smiles at the camera

Birgit Neu,
Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at HSBC

Andy McGuinness,
Campaigns Manager Crohn’s and Colitis

Brian Heyworth
Global Head of Client Strategy, HSBC Global Asset Management Ltd

Kim smiles at the camera Emily smiles at the camera

Kim Whippy, Business Disability Advisor at Business Disability Forum

Emily Jackson, Business Disability Advisor at Business Disability Forum

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We will also welcome a number of organisations to showcase new and innovative technology which will help make your business disability-smart! Whether it is day to day, events or in your personal life, these companies will have something for you. 

Our exhibitors include:

Texthelp - helping everyone read, write and communicate with clarity.

Posturite - ergonomic suppliers and service providers.

Microlink - leaders in the field of assistive technology.

Iansyst - assistive technology specialists.


Business Disability Forum Conference 2018

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