Technology Taskforce resources - A-Z

Our best practice guides are written in association with our Technology Taskforce Partners to help other organisations to understand what best practice on accessible technology might look like. Every organisation is different and it may be that you have to adjust what is recommended to accommodate your particular circumstances.

Our guides do not include detailed technical information as this would tie them to a specific technology or set of circumstances. Instead the guides convey important principals and approaches that can be applied in any industry and using any technology. Where appropriate the guides reference other sites and resources which contain more technical detail at the time of publication/last review.

Accessibility Maturity Model (AMM) - an in depth questionnaire

Accessibility Maturity Model (AMM) Scorecard (Excel)

Accessibility Maturity Model (AMM) - How to use it (Word)

Accessibility Maturity Model (AMM) - Word version

Accessibility Standards - A comprehensive guide

Accessibility Standards - An overview

Accessibility training for IT professionals – building empathy through problem solving

Accessible Technology Charter

Accessible Technology Charter - How to sign up and adhere to its principles

Accessible Technology Charter: Accessibility Maturity Model

Accessible Technology Charter: Consultation

Accessible Technology Charter: Continuous improvement

Accessible Technology Charter: Disability know-how

Accessible Technology Charter: Executive level ICT Champion

Accessible Technology Charter: How technology can liberate

Accessible Technology Charter: ICT development lifecycle

Accessible Technology Charter: ICT development lifecycle

Accessible Technology Charter: Personalisation of technology

Accessible Technology Charter: Procurement and supply partners

Accessible Technology Charter: Reasonable adjustment

Assistive Technology Catalogues

Accessibility testing 

Creating an IT Accessibility Policy

Customer consultation methods

Disability Standard Section 10 - ICT

Diverse Personas

Document Accessibility in Microsoft 2010 - A comprehensive guide

Document Accessibility in Microsoft 2010 - An overview

E-learning - ensuring accessibility

ICT Accessibility Funding

Inclusive Design Principles

Inclusive Procurement Strategy

iOS Accessibility Features

IT Accessibility and security

MatchWare case study: Autism and MindView mind-mapping software

Microsoft - Introduction to Disability and Accessibility (audio described version)

Obtaining management buy-in on accessible ICT

PDFs - creating accessible files

POUR the guiding principles of accessibility

Procurement protocol for accessible technology

Promoting digital accessibility across your organisation

Raising digital accessibility awareness across your organisation

Reasonable adjustment request form

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Requirements - accessibilty at the core

The role of the Accessibility Champion and Sponsor

Staff consultation methods

Supporting staff with Assistive Technology 

Targets and measures for accessible ICT

Tips and Tricks for Accessibility Practitioners