Digital success in less than 3 minutes

How does assistive technology make your workplace more inclusive?

That's one of the questions we have asked our taskforce members to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day on Thursday 16 May 2019 in this video series - Digital success in three minutes. 

Be sure to watch the videos below to find out what success can look like when assistive technology is available in your workplace.

Anja Otto, Workforce Manager at Atos

"Things like I'm allowed to work from home and which takes a lot of pressure off me. Allows me to instead of talking on the phone, which makes me a bit anxious and I can type and I can think about what I want to say". 

Watch Anja describe digital success in her day job in the video below: 

Paul Bepey, Assistive Technology Lead for staff facing accessibility at the BBC

"I'm actually registered blind which means I have no sight. So I use a range of technologies, from screen readers, voice technology and a whole range of recognition apps which aid me in my day to day life both in and out of the workplace." - Paul tells us his route to Digital Success in less than three minutes in the video below:  

Nicola James, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and CEO of Lexxic

"In the workplace I use text to speech. It makes such a big differance and also when proofreading my work, oh my God it's a saviour" - Nicola tells us how she uses assistive technology on a daily basis:

Ross Hovey, Accessibility Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

"My main piece of accessible technology is my phone because it enables me to receive emails, view presentations, type emails, use Webexes, hold the camera so that people can see me and it allows me to be independent" - Ross lets us know his route to digital success in less than three minutes in the video below:

Joanna Wootten, Disability and Age Consultant

"I use speech to text reporting, primarily that provides me with the equivalent of live subtitling"

What does Digital Success look like for Joanna? Watch the video below to find out:

Paul Smyth, Head of Digital Accessibility at Barclays

"When I think about new and emerging technology, the things that excites me very much is voice technology".

Paul lets us know what digital success looks like for him in his day to day job in the video below:

What would digital success look like in your job role or organisation, let us know using the hashtag #DigitalSuccessIn3Mins

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