Accessible Technology Charter

In November 2011 the Technology Taskforce launched the Accessible Technology Charter which sets out ten commitments to good practice on ICT accessibility. Signature is a public declaration by an organisation that it will make ten commitments on accessibility as part of its ICT strategy, including executive sponsorship, and developing and buying accessible ICT systems.

Find out more about signing the Accessible Technology Charter here.

To help Members meet this commitment we are building up a library of resources to support each of the ten points of the Charter below.

  • Executive level ICT Champion

    We will appoint an executive level ICT Access Champion who will report to the board, raise awareness of the benefits of this agenda and ensure that we achieve continuous improvement in this area. 

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  • How technology can liberate

    We will ensure that employees understand how technology can liberate the contribution of everyone, including disabled people, as colleagues and as customers.


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  • Consultation

    We will routinely consult with disabled employees, customers and experts to ensure that we understand the impact of our technology on: talent management, employee productivity and our diverse customer base. 

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  • Personalisation of technology

    We will allow reasonable personalisation of technology by our employees and customers in order to meet their own accessibility requirements. Technologies that individuals interact with include display, keyboard and mouse, phones and self service facilities. 

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  • Reasonable adjustment

    We will embed and promote a reasonable adjustment process that provides speedy and usable ICT solutions for disabled colleagues and customers. 

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  • Disability know-how

    We will give our relevant ICT people the ‘disability know-how’ needed to deliver effective business processes and reasonable adjustments for disabled colleagues and customers. 

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  • Accessibility Maturity Model

    We will establish our performance baseline using the Business Disability Forum's Accessibility Maturity Model. We will work to practical, easy to communicate accessibility requirements based on existing formal standards and will consistently go beyond minimum compliance to bring greater benefits to our business.  

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  • ICT development lifecycle

    We will promote a development lifecycle for our ICT solutions that is based on inclusive design from definition to delivery, to minimise the cost and reputation risk triggered by retrofitting products and systems. 

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  • Procurement and supply partners

    We will require, help and encourage our ICT supply partners to develop and deliver accessible products and services. We will formally consider accessibility in all our procurement decisions. We will purchase solutions which are as accessible as possible. 

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  • Continuous improvement

    We will continuously improve our accessibility: we will document what works and share our learning with the Technology Taskforce. 

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