Press release: Sopra Steria Recruitment joins Business Disability Forum's Partner Group

09 July 2018

London, UK: Sopra Steria Recruitment one of the UK’s leading staffing companies and managed recruitment service providers, is now a Partner of Business Disability Forum. This latest move is part of the firm’s ongoing commitment to barrier-free recruitment.  

Business Disability Forum's Partner Group is made up of organisations from the private and public sectors and represents a variety of industries; from investment banks to broadcasters, to government agencies and supermarkets. Its Partners are vital to ensuring employers and service providers forge productive relationships with disabled and non-disabled stakeholders.

Being a Partner of Business Disability Forum highlights a commitment to becoming a disability-smart business and helps organisations to develop and share emerging best practice. BDF partner firms become part of the UK's foremost thought leadership group on disability as it affects business.

Pete Holliday, Managing Director, Sopra Steria Recruitment, commented: “We are delighted to be taking our relationship with Business Disability Forum to the next level by joining the organisation as a Partner. Sopra Steria Recruitment is fully committed to barrier free and inclusive recruitment practices - for us it’s business as usual and embedded within our whole corporate culture. Since 2015 we have worked closely with BDF and our people have been trained by the organisation. However, we cannot escape the fact that disabled individuals continue to be hugely underrepresented in the workforce and by forging an even closer link with BDF we can take a greater role in helping to turn the dial on disability inclusion.” 

Diane Lightfoot, Chief Executive Officer at Business Disability Forum, said: “Sopra Steria Recruitment are doing a great deal to make their industry an enabler of disabled people, and it is a great pleasure to be working more closely with them.

“Recruitment companies clearly have a vital role to play in helping business to close the disability employment gap and we are delighted that Sopra Steria is committed to leading this agenda.

“The company has already supported our Recruitment Charter, a set of key tenets of accessible recruitment for businesses to follow and earlier this year, they played a major part in supporting our President's Group Dinner and making a powerful call to action to leading businesses in the room.

“We very much look forward to doing even more with Sopra Steria Recruitment to build businesses, recruiters and workplaces where disabled people do not face barriers.”



1.     Business Disability Forum is a not-for-profit member organisation that makes it easier and more rewarding to do business with and employ disabled people. By providing pragmatic support, sharing expertise, giving advice, providing training and facilitating networking opportunities, we help organisations to become fully accessible to disabled customers and employee. Ultimately, our aim is to transform the life chances – and experience – of disabled people as employees and consumers.

We have more than twenty years’ experience of working with public and private sector organisations, formerly as the Employers’ Forum on Disability, where we were instrumental in lobbying for an creating the first meaningful disability legislation in the UK in the shape of the Disability Discrimination Act. Our 300 members now employ around 15% of the UK workforce and range from FTSE 100 companies and central Government departments to transport providers, construction companies, retailers, higher education providers and public services. We also work closely with Government to shape disability policy and to feedback what works – what doesn’t – from our members and partners.

We also campaign to raise awareness around key issues, with current themes including non-visible disabilities – representing the fact that some 96% of disabilities are not visible and with a particular focus on mental health – and “Going Places”, which looks both at the career aspirations and progression of disabled people in the workplace, and at disabled people’s experience of transport for work, leisure and travel. 

2.  Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of end-to-end service offerings on the market: consulting, systems integration, software development, infrastructure management and business process services.

Sopra Steria is trusted by leading private and public-sector organisations to deliver successful transformation programmes that address their most complex and critical business challenges. Combining high quality and performance services, added value and innovation, Sopra Steria enables its clients to make the best use of digital technology. With nearly 42,000 employees in more than 20 countries, Sopra Steria generated revenue of €3.8 billion in 2017.

3. For more information about Business Disability Forum, contact Sam Buckley, Press Officer, on or 020 7089 2471.

4. For more information about Sopra Steria Recruitment, please contact Carly Smith, BlueSkyPR, on +44 (0)1582 790 708 or