Press release: Conference will reveal huge impact of inaccessible technology on businesses

22 February 2017

London, UK: Delegates will have the chance to hear from experts in the world of technology and digital accessibility at Business Disability Forum’s 2017 conference.

Business Disability Forum has announced new speakers and a special session on technology featuring at the conference, on disability-smart suppliers and partners, on 11 April 2017 at the Royal College of Nursing.

The session will feature representatives from Barclays, Microlink and Texthelp.

The panel will share their organisations’ experiences and delegates will hear first-hand what has been successful, what hasn’t worked and what these organisations are now doing differently.

Business Disability Forum will also provide all delegates with free access to a new piece of guidance, 'Step by step: Achieving disability-smart outcomes in work with suppliers and partners' which will give practical tips and advice to support each stage of the procurement process.

Business Disability Forum’s November 2016 research report ‘Key aids and barriers to effectively engaging suppliers and partners’ reveals that more than 75% of the time third parties in technology are delivering products and services to businesses which impact people with disabilities.

Lucy Ruck, Technology Taskforce Manager at Business Disability Forum, said:

“The truth is that the way an organisation sources their technology affects every part of the business – it is everyone’s problem.

“Inaccessible technology or IT could be excluding both customers and employees, costing businesses millions in lost revenue and talent.

“This new session will look at best practice from leading businesses and suppliers and explore practical solutions for disability-smart technology, including when it is sourced from outside the company.”

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Notes to editors

1. Business Disability Forum represents some 400 organisations that employ 20% of the UK workforce. We have more than twenty-five years’ experience of equipping people with the expertise to create confident organisations by improving the understanding of disability in business, removing barriers and making adjustments for individuals.

2. Our Disability Standard ( is the authoritative measure of how disability-smart an organisation is, providing a way to improve customer and employee experiences. The Disability Standard is kindly sponsored by Accenture.

3. The Technology Taskforce came together in 2008 to enable global and UK Business to make accessibility and usability fundamental to ICT

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