Press release: Idea of autism 'cure' is harmful and counterintuitive, Business Disability Forum warns

27 September 2016


London, UK: Business Disability Forum has responded to reports of a London man attempting to ‘cure autism’ with a reminder to companies that the condition is not an illness that is ‘treated’ and that trying to approach it as such is harmful and counterintuitive.

Instead it is a difference in the human condition that in the workplace can be approached productively with great benefits for employers and employees.

The techniques employed by a Hungarian firm based in London have already been described as ‘abusive’ by the BBC:

Business Disability Forum would add that viewing autism as a problem is a mistake and that businesses can benefit hugely by embracing it as a difference.

Employers should be prepared to make adjustments for employees with autism, instead of attempting to force a ‘square peg into a round hole’, to enable the employee to be comfortable and productive.

In February 2016 Business Disability Forum released research into how employers can best work with employees with autism in the report ‘Square Holes for Square Pegs’, written by Disability Consultant Daniel Wiles.

The report examines current practice in the employment of people with autism amongst BDF’s membership organisations and makes key recommendations for employers when adopting inclusive practice.

More information about ‘Square Holes and Square Pegs’ can be found at

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